2nd Amendment:

The 2nd Amendment exists because people have the unalienable right to exercise self-defense.  It is just common sense that hamstringing law-abiding citizens from exercising that right will result in more people being killed by criminals.  Our current legislators seem to forget that criminals don’t obey laws.  But then, our current legislators are not afraid of this because they have exempted themselves from all the gun restrictions and regulations that have been signed into law.  Why are they allowed to protect themselves, but we are not?  Remember Government’s first and foremost obligation is to protect its citizens.  I am a member of the NRA, and strongly support the 2nd amendment.  I believe citizens have the unalienable right to bear arms and I also support the right to carry.  Statistics show that people with concealed carry permits commit significantly far fewer gun crimes, than do any other group.  They are at the very bottom of the totem pole.  So yes, I oppose the recent gun bills that were passed stripping away our rights to own guns, and restrictions on ammo.  I will oppose any bill restricting our unalienable right to bear arms.