Toni is campaigning to replace Freddie Rodriguez  in the Assembly District 52.



As Californians’ we pay one of the highest tax rates in the United States.  How has paying all the current set of taxes benefited you?

Are our roads improved?  What about water storage?


Your children's future rest on it
California is ranked 47th in the nation. Why? In the 1970 California ranked number one. What has happened to our state and it’s Education system? Doesn’t your child deserve more than 47th in the nation?

Jobs / Economy

Your paycheck depends on it.
Why does keeping jobs in California help the economy?  What needs to change in California to stop the bleed of companies leaving this state?

Public Safety

Your peace of mind is important while out and about
Over the last few years, we have experienced troubling times in our nation and world. It is the responsible of our government to keep us safe, but it is also ours.  Give our firefighters and law enforcement the tool necessary to their jobs.

2nd Admendment

Why is it important to keep it?
We have seen in our cities, counties, states, and nation, tragedies that unfold before our very own eyes.  Here in San Bernardino, in 2015, we all were shocked at the act of terrorism that played out in our county.  San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon stated in an interview that it took 4 minutes for the SB Sheriffs to arrive at the Inland Regional Center.  Our elected official have armed guards to protect them.   WHY, can’t you?!  Are “they” more important than you?